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Authorisation Owner Variable Error

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have an issue when using variable &[global["flowcode"]["assignedTeam"]] as the authorisation owner for any authorisation task. 

I set the option to use a variable, select the variable, save and publish the BPM. If I go back to the BPM process list and then reopen the BPM the option to use variable has changed to user > assigned team.

This causes the BPM to fail with the error: The specified user 'urn:sys:group:STB/Marketing_and_Business_Development/Marketing_Team/' does not exist

Any ideas? Is this because I am trying to set a team as the authorisation owner? I don't want to use a named person sa if there is an issue and the authorisation task needs re assigning and the owner is away it will cause issues. 

Variables work fine in the Authorisers section, it is just the owner part I cant get to work. 


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Ok so now this is affecting variable use on other authorisation nodes. I save them as variables (which worked this morning), close and reopen the BPM, have a look and the variable option has changed to user > suspend action or user > assigned team.

What is going on?? :huh:

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