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Hi all,  

Looking at the results of some of our progressive capture self-service jobs, it shows varying amounts of questions and answers before having to click to the next page to view more. Attached is an example of one question showing on its own with 7 questions on page 2. 

We have looked at everything structurally in the PCF that we can think of (branches, questions that are just labels, hidden things) and none seem to have any repeatable impact. 

Does any one know why the page breaks occur in seemingly random places?

question pages.PNG

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Hi Victor, 

Thanks for the quick reply. Is this known to be an intermittent issue or affected by multiple factors, as I have examples where the labels have not broken the pagination (I've learned a new word, i like it) and so we discounted it as a reason?


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8 minutes ago, LawesD said:

as I have examples where the labels have not broken the pagination

It really depends on the label and configuration ... may I say trust me when I say is the labels? :D ... mainly because when I queried this with dev team I got this exact same reply and for my own sanity I learned not to question them if they accepted and acknowledged the issue... (for me, ignorance is really a bliss sometimes, I got enough headache with Westworld nowadays :D)


Jokes aside, I can investigate the exact scenario if you need more info.

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