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Max Williams

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I was wondering if it was possible for FAQs to be pulled through next to the related tickets and catalogue items that appear here after selecting a Service when raising an Incident or Service Request. 


I notice that the list of FAQs will appear after logging and assigning the ticket but wondered if there was a way they could be pulled through whilst logging the ticket (next to the related tickets and catalogue items).


Thanks in advance!



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@Steven Boardman We are looking for a way for the link the request to the FAQ and maybe accept as the solution so the job can be closed. Also, we cannot get Problems or Known Errors to appear as the wiki suggests they should also be available in this section to link the request to a Problem/Known Error.

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@Jeremy not yet i am afraid, we have the story to look at options once FAQ's are found. Once this progresses we will post back here.

In regards to the returning of problems / Known errors in the request results, there was an fix in the last Service Manager update which should help here, and i am now seeing the problems etc in the request results sets (as below)


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