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LDAP Import - Multiple Orgs (Kind Of)


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We have a nightly import from AD and we import the team that the user is a member of.  The org import type is set to Team.  We also have "only one group" assignment selected as when they change teams, their HR record is updated.  This is updated in AD via a nightly import from the HR system.  AD then updates Service Manager with the new team with that nightly import.

I've just noticed however that since implementation, no new users are getting added to the company organisation - they get added to the team that they are in but no company (something I've obviously not implemented correctly after going live).  I'd now like to have the nightly import from AD changed so that users are added into the company organisation and also added into the team they are a member of but I'd also like to ensure this changes should the team change.

I've done some testing and kind of hoped that the "only one group assignment" setting was specific to the type that also set when configuring the org import however, having added in a second organisation import and setting one to type team and the other to type company and both to "only one group assignment" yet it did add the user back into the company org (I had removed them for the purpose or the test).  I've enabled debugging and I can see from the log file that for the test user, its identified that it needs to update the company and it successfully performs the lookup and returns the company org ID yet within Service Manager he has not been added into the company.

Is this correct behaviour and if so how does any one else manage imports where everyone should be a member of a company org that wont change but also a member of a team that must change when the AD value changes?



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It should behave as you were hoping where the Only one group assignment would work per type so a user could be in one team and one department as an example. Can you post a screenshot of the Organisation configuration of the LDAP import as well as copy and past the content of the 'Debug' tab in the LDAP Import configuration please.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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