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Hide Services from a Support Team

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I'm sure this must have been asked before, but I can't find anything in the forums about it...so here goes!

We are pushing out our Hornbill instance to our HR team who will be specifically logging tickets ONLY for the HR Services (and NOT the services which are looked after by IT).

What I would like is to set Hornbill so that, when an HR Support Team person uses Service Manager to log a ticket, they ONLY see the Catalogue Items  available under the service called HR Service, and not the available catalogue items for all of the other services that the person they're logging the ticket for has permission to see.

Is this possible? Am I missing something obvious? 



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Guest Paul Alexander


I thought the 'subscribe' option was to hide or show that Service from end users on the Portals and to show or hide these services from those people when the service is selected when logging a ticket in Service Manager? 


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@Paul Alexander I believe that you will also need this setting switched on: app.itsm.progressiveCapture.customerDetails.showOnlySupportedRequests

Looks to be off by default. 

Edit: Subscribe will limit the service to a subset of users. Supported by will limit the service to a support team.

If a service has no subscribers (i.e. it is available to all) you will need to set the setting above to on and set the HR service to only be supported by HR and make sure that HR are not in supported by for any other service. 

This will limit HR to only be able to log HR service requests regardless of what the user themselves can log.

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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @Dan Munns and @Victor

Thanks for the replies...but I'm still having trouble hiding this service...

I have one 'testing' user who is a member of the HR Admin team:



And a Service (People - My Employment) which supported only by the HR Admin team:


And another Service (Applications and Software) which is supported by everyone BUT the HR Admin team:



However, when I log a ticket when I'm logged in as the Training analyst (who is only part of the HR Admin team), I can still see the Applications and Software service:



I have set the setting that Dan mentioned to 'On' (it was Off originally) and tried logging off and on again, but I'm still getting these services showing up. 

I'm obviously missing something....



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Guest Paul Alexander
10 minutes ago, Dan Munns said:

And @Victor I think our posts dropped in at the same time (or I didn't refresh my browser before posting) :ph34r:

Yup...AND @Victor but he knows I'm always grateful for his help ;) (sorry...I missed his update!!) 

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