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We have a custom form "Agreed completion date" in service details connected to h_custom_21

Is there any way to make this visible to the external customers through the portal when they check their request.

Right now it just says " Request details updated " when I set it but it would be really nice for the customer to be able to view it when checking timeline or request details.

All customer can see of request details is summary and description.

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@HHH it is not currently possible to view the custom fields on the customer portal.

One option you can use as a workaround is to inject the value of h_custom_21 into the description field, then this will be visible to the custom on the portal.

You  could do this using the business process designer using the following:

1. Get Request details node

2.  Update request node > request details and then the variable picker to select and inject (not overwrite).  If you mark this option to Amend as well it will appear at the end of the details and be visible:

Or you could just add the date title and date to the details section

I appreciate this is a workaround but wanted to suggest something in the absence of the ability to display the custom fields on the portal.



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Follow up question @Steven Boardman

I ran into a follow up problem on when/where to inject it since there can be quite a few timeline updates with the customer suggesting new times before agreement. I cannot wait for resolution since it's not resolved, is there a "wait for field data to be entered" that I can use that check if the custom field is not null before proceeding? 

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@HHH one approach to this could be the use of a Human Task in your business process - with the human task at the appropriate time in the process, where the discussion and agreement can be had in the timeline and once agreed, the actual time can be included in the outcome Reason of the task - so if you imagine, the outcome could be Agreed which has a mandatory setting for it's supporting reason.   

You could follow the task node with the update request node, and using the variable picker inject the task Reason value into the description as an append (obviously you could prefix the description update with text like (Agreed Date: <Task Outcome Reason Variable>) 

This is obviously not an exact art with what is put in the reason field, but hopefully shortly you will be able to use a new feature which is Custom questions* linked to task outcomes.  

On it's release you will be able to link a custom question (say date / time picker) to the outcome of say Scheduled and then use this variable to inject into the description field.    

* This feature is currently being tested and will be available shortly.

I hope this helps



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1 minute ago, Steven Boardman said:

@HHH I see the logic here, I suppose one question i would have is how would i know as the agent, that i needed to add a value to the custom field?  

Good point, in this case it's a small team with specific tasks but I'll look into your human task solution. Thanks a lot.

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