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Hornbill Integration with Power BI


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Hi All,

I am new to hornbill but my company is trying to report from Power bi using hornbill data. Following the link on wiki.hornbill https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/PowerBI_Reporting.  I have managed to download the R script

filled in the instanceName, InstanceZone, apikey, report ID and runid, added the code in the power bi editor  but it seems that's not all I have to do. 

Also in this arrUrl do I have to fill in the instancezone and instance name? I have attached the error when I select connect to Power bi using R script (PowerBIDataSource_HistoricReport.R )

arrUrl = c("https://",

Is it possible to get guide(step by step guide) on how this is created please?





Hornbill Reporting Error.PNG

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I have now been installed all the packages via the CRAN repository, which connects correctly but It doesn't show any table under R folder.

Am I missing something? I have attached a screenshot of the navigator from power bi.1317100514_HornbillQuestion.PNG.93f454647a99b7a00748a90ae4441094.PNG




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1 hour ago, MizeelA said:

instanceName = "Ammic"

This is not a valid instance name... 


7 hours ago, MizeelA said:

Also in this arrUrl do I have to fill in the instancezone and instance name?

No. Those are variables, changing them will break the PowerBIDataSource_HistoricReport.R script. The only information you need to input is in the "#Define" sections: #Define Instance Details, #Define API Key and #Define Report details

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Hi ,  having issues scheduling a report in Power bi service after publishing from the desktop. Under the data source credentials it comes up with the below information.  

Your data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid. Please update your credentials and try again.

When I select the Edit credentials I am on unable to sign into the data-source of the report or change the authentication method from windows. My login and password is the same as for windows and in Hornbill.

Am I missing something? Guidance will be much appreciated.







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Hi @MizeelA,

This appears to be an issue with Power BI in the cloud not being able to authenticate against your locally installed Power BI Gateway, which is required when scheduling the running of reports that get data using R scripts. You need to check the configuration of your locally installed gateway and ensure that Power BI in the cloud can communicate and authenticate with this. See the following pages from the Power BI website for more information:



Kind regards,


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Hi @Steve G,

Thanks for your response. You are right, Power BI authentication wasn't recognising the installed gateway (personal mode). After reviewing the pages from you and from Microsoft website , it seems to be a known issue with the personal gateway. The workaround available is as per below;

1. Open the On-premises Data Gateway (personal mode) desktop app on the machine where the gateway is installed.

2. Go to the connectors tab and switch off the Custom data connectors feature.

3. Click Apply -> Apply & Restart.

4. On the data-set page, click edit credentials and sign in.

This resolved my issue and now able to schedule refreshes etc.

Thanks for all your help @Steve G and @Victor .


Kind Regards


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