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Email Preview when sending email from requests


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Feature Request - Email Preview - During the 30 day trial, we came across an issue when we log a ticket, as part of our communication with our clients we need to sent an email to various different people, not just the one person like the system allows. Can we please request that there is a email preview put in place, when the ticket is logged before an email is sent it brings up a preview which will allow the operator to add various email address in?

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  • Victor changed the title to Email Preview when sending email from requests

Hi @stuartmclennan

Thanks for your post.

We do have some planned changes to the email action on a request which includes rich text formatting and template selection which would also allow you to view the populated template before it is sent.  I will make sure that your name is added to the change and that this post in linked so that we can keep you up to date with the progress.

Until this is available there are a couple of things that I thought might be worth mentioning.  

There are some settings that provide automatic email notifications to the customer when a new request has been raised.  There are also BPM Operations that can also be used for the automatic sending of an email to the customer.  The idea behind this is to give a support person a hands-off approach to this initial communication to the customer, giving them one less action to complete and also one less option that can be forgotten.

This automated email notification is however, not desired by everyone.  If that is the case, you may want to disable this or remove it from your BPM workflow.  

In place of the automated email notification on a new request you may want to create a Initial Response email Snippet.  You can share these Snippets with a particular team or to be available for a particular Service.  These Snippets use variables in the same way a template does. 


Once you select a Snippet it will populate the Email Action with this information including resolving the variables.  This give you a chance to view the email before sending to assure that the variable have been populated correctly and it lets you add to the content as well.  At the same time you can add additional recipients including CC and BCC.  Using the above snippet will look something like this.


Taking this one step further, using the BPM you can lock all but the Email Action so that the support staff can't do anything other than send an email.  Once the email is sent,  the workflow can be continued and access to the other actions restored.  We may be able to further improve this by adding new BPM operations that will automatically suspend the workflow until the email is sent and also make sure that the email action is in focus when you first open the request.  

Let us know if you have any questions about the information above.  We will keep you posted on the above mentioned development work. 



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