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@Alisha @Dan Munns I hope am not misunderstanding what you are asking but what if you add the xlsx file to the instance using Document Manager and then enter the URL of the excel document in the Progressive Capture. Will that you help? Of course if you dont have Document Manager then perhaps Dan's solution might work best for you




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@Steven Boardman @Pamela @Dan Munns

Thank you, I have tried what Dan has suggested. However, the only issue is that people would be downloading copies of the same file onto different computers. When the file is updated and uploaded again it could mean that:

1) People might be downloading multiple versions of the same file.
2) They might refer to the outdated file if they think they've already downloaded it.

Having the file in a shared area on a server that everyone can access would mean that they would be looking at the most recent version each time.

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@Alisha you would have the same version control issue if you linked directly to a file via unc path. As you would be requesting the file via your web browser the file would be downloaded rather than just opened. If you use a link to a document stored in document manager, as Pamela says above, you could mitigate this a little with document managers version control, but unless the file is a format you can open, edit and save within a web browser, it will be downloaded in any case. 

We have GPOs in place which set the default download location from IE to the temp folder and that folder is purged every time the user logs on so we have little issue with old version of documents lying around on peoples machines. 

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@Alisha there is a way to do it it wiki markup but not in Hornbills implementation of it. 

Probably because the ways of doing it are just exploiting other markup (file or img usually) to use a unc link (with mixed results) 

Wiki markup was designed to be used on webpages so not really used for linking to local files.

You best bet would be to either use document manager and create the documents there so they can be opened in a web browser or find a way of letting users know to download the document each time they need it to ensure they have the correct version (maybe a link to a page on Sharepoint or similar to retrieve the document)

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