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⚠ BPM: Auto-add associated assets

Add Associated Assets Node in BPM  

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I would like to request the ability to auto-add associated assets to a request via the BPM.

The node should have the following options:

1. To choose the type of entity (ie. Owner / Customer / Connection of specific type - where there is only one of that type in the connections list)
2. To choose the types of Assets Types to add (All, single type or multiple types)
3. To choose whether or auto-add associated assets where the entity is the "Owned by" and/or "Used by" or both, with the potential to add other fields as new ones are introduced in the future

In particular for Leaver Requests, this would be extremely useful to return ALL the existing assets the leaver connection entity owns or uses.



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Annnnnnnd i've put this topic in the wrong location - it should be under "System Administration" -> "Business Process Automation"

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