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Switching from Incident to Service Request


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I am creating a progressive capture for an Incident. One of my questions is, ‘Have you previously had access?’ If the answer is ‘Yes’, it would remain an Incident. However, if the answer is ‘No’, I would like it to change to a Service Request for new access. Is this possible? I tried using a switch capture node, but this didn’t work as intended since they both have different business processes.

Many thanks,

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Hi Alisha,

I'm assuming that this question is being presented to end users on the portal?  For the end users they will be accessing a service on the portal where they then see the Request Catalog Items that they can raise.  The request type for each of these Request Catalog Items is predetermined by the request configuration within the Service.  Do you think it would work if you had two separate Request Catalog Items, one for requesting new access and one for reporting an issue with their existing access?



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