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Change Type in Request List


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Is there a way of showing if a change is a Normal, Emergency or Standard change in the request list view, we cannot seem to find a way of displaying this information?

How do others work with changes in the request list?

Kind regards


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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your post.

On the Request List the available columns are currently those that are shared across the different request types.  The Change Type is only available on change requests and is not currently available as a column.

There are some other options for managing your changes based on the Change Type, but the suitability may depend on what your desired outcome is or how you plan to use these.  

Boards. One way is to use the Boards feature to list out and manage the different change types.  This can provide a nice visual representation of changes as they move through their change cycle.

Reporting.  Regular scheduled reports can be a nice way to keep people informed about the changes. 

We do recognise that having more fields available in the request list will also help with managing information.  We hope to introduce more options when creating Views that will allow for more control over the visible columns and the available information.



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Hi @Jeremy it is not currently possible to display that field on the request list.  The available request list options are all fields from the primary request table, where as the change type is held in a related change details table (same for Inc, Prob specific fields).

We do have a story in our backlog to make custom fields available on the request list, and at this point it will be possible to map the change type into a custom field and display this on the request list columns - I will add you to the existing change, and update as this is scheduled and this becomes available. 

In the meantime, you could append the change type to either the Summary / Description Fields via the business process engine using, a Get Request info node, followed by an update request details automated task and use the Inject Variable picker and chose to Append the change type to the summary or description. 

Once it is in the summary or description text, you can use the quick filter to match on a text search, or you can create views for Normal, Emergency, Standard  changes using a condition of Contains in the summary or description fields, matching on say Emergency

Not ideal but hopefully a workaround ahead of a more elegant solution


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