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BPM Stage Template - unable to delete

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Help! I am unable to delete a BPM Stage Template! Whenever I press the Delete button, the page automatically goes straight to the "Service Manager" page... i've tried this on IE11, Chrome and Edge.

I'm not fast enough to click the "Yes" button when it appears...

I have actually just tried it again and by luck I managed to get it working simply by holding CTRL then clicking the delete button then pressing "Yes". Is this the intended effect? If so that's a great idea to prevent accidental deletion.

Is there a way to overwrite a stage template?



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Hi sam,

No that def a bug. I imagine another event handler it trapping the delete click. Will have a look.


At moment only way to overwrite a template is to delete it then resave stage as template,. so not overwriting at all ;-) I will add in save icon next to each stage template, when clicked will prompt to overwrite with current stage you are on.


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