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Reporting on time spent in Service Manager

Stephen Banfield

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We are in the process of migrating from Supportworks to Service Manager.

Currently I do queries on the updated table to see how much time a member of my staff spends on a call. Can anyone advise on where the equivalent information is stored in the Service Manager database?

Thanks Stephen.

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I  am just trying to understand the relationships between tables in the new version of your software.

1) If say I wanted to work out how much time somebody in my team spent on a particular call how do I link the time  to a call?

2) Is h_timesheet_values the only table used in recording time? For example, is there a separate table for recording time on tasks as opposed to general updates?

3) Previously I used to for the most part to run queries on the opencall and updatedb tables. As I understand it h_itsm_requests is the equivalent of opencall, what is the equivalent of updatedb?

Thanks again.

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