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Questions Field - Re-size


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@Jeremy How many questions would you have on an average request, are you talking about 10 or more questions being displayed against a request? If you are thinking you would like to hide unanswered questions so that you remain with only a few answered questions in one long list, there is a setting for that. That all depends on what you currently see when you access the questions on a request.

In the admin portal, if you go to Hornbill Service Manager -> Application Settings and then filter on "answer" you should see the following three settings which when turned on will hide the unanswered questions:

  • app.request.questions.hideUnansweredQuestions
  • guest.servicemanager.customer.request.questions.hideUnansweredQuestions
  • guest.servicemanager.portal.request.questions.hideUnansweredQuestions


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@Pamela We have made the above changes already but we have between 10 and 30 questions and some users are finding it difficult to find the correct information. Our main form that we have many questions in is an order form for ordering multiple pieces of Software or Equipment that needs a lot of details to be filled in.

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@Jeremy We used to have all the questions on one page but that made it hard to view which is why we introduced the pagination, I am afraid.



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@Jeremy one possible workaround is the option to copy the answers to the progressive capture questions into the description of the request, this will then be in the details section and description field?

You can use the - get request info > progressive capture answers in the business process designer, followed by an update request node > details - use the variable picker to inject the various answers into the description field - you could even format the multi-line box like this:


Hope that helps


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