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Adding an email address to our instance


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I was wondering how you add a new email address to your instance?

At the moment, we have the standard email address on there and a subscription for one further email address. However, when we try to add a second email address, it does not allow us to save due to the following error message.

Please could you confirm how we get around this/create the new email address for use within the system?



2018-06-01 14_43_15-Administration _ Create Mailbox.png

2018-06-01 14_43_26-Cisco Jabber.png

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@lokent I am wondering if the error message is because you are entering an email address in the Mailbox text field. If you read our wiki page https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Shared_Mailboxes it says in the Mailbox Details section that the  Mailbox name is used to reference the mailbox. On my test server I have this as 'Servicedesk' . When you enter the initial information and save, the Inbound Mail service, Addresses and Associated Roles tabs will be activated to enable you to specify more details.



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