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Procap label not showing in Request Summary

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This one is baffling us. 

Procap: SAP I have a finance query

The first custom form node 'Query Type' asks the customer to select what kind of query they are making.  The idea is that this later forms the second half of the request summary once created.

BPM: SAP I have a finance query

The Set Summary Content node should perform the function of inserting the text 'Finance Query - ' along with whatever query type the customer selected.

It adds the text Finance Query - , but doesn't add the query type text into the summary and we can't work out why.

Both procap and bpm use 'summary' field.  What are we doing wrong please?


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How are you inputting the data? 

I would expect a single node with both variables in the order you need them to update the summary.

So something like this:  Issue with &[functions.pcf("SoftwareIssue","Product")] version &[functions.pcf("SoftwareIssue","Version")] with bold being text I typed and the bold italic being the variables from the PC. You will need to use 'Inject' to add the second variable and not overwrite. 

If you map the answer on the PC to summary and then update the summary in the BPM you will need Append Text set to Manual > Yes on the update node

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