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Adding Custom fields into BPM Tasks


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I have turned on the feature (experimental.feature.bpm.allowcustomtaskfields and have created some custom fields within a task but when we view the task they are not showing.


When we view the task there are no custom fields being displayed.



Is there a setting that turns on enhanced tasks, or is there a setting that we have missed?

Thanks in advance


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Hi @Jeremy 

This feature has not been released yet to official (live) stream in client application, you can only see it in admin as it was needed to be ready before client app. Entire "feature" is at very early stage and we just started testing it. If all will be fine then next week we should release it to live but please keep in mind that this is still experimental.


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Hi @Jeremy,

There is no way at the moment to hide the Reason field. The only thing you can do is make it optional. But I can see that now that we have custom fields per outcome, it can be redundant in some cases.

I'll speak to the platform team to see if this can be done.


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