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Hello All

First time posting here so apologies in advanced for any errors.

Were currently using a Draft Change Management flow, created by Hornbill themselves a few years back, weve set up the progressive capture and business process' correctly (we believe so).

Raising a new Change call works fine but when the 'Approval Required task' is generated and the option 'Yes' is chosen it breaks and were presented with the attached error message.

Something to note is that if 'No' is selected the process works 100% correctly all the way to finish (Change call being resolved/closed).

Happy to supply further screenshots of our flows etc.

Many thanks


Hornbill change error.PNG

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It seems that it is trying to create a task and assign it to a user who doesn't exist in your instance.

Is there a human task straight after the authorisation node? If so you will need to change the user the task is assigned to.  

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On the Authorisation Node within your BPM workflow you can set the list of Authorisers by either selecting a user or using a variable.  If one of the listed users has been been archived, deleted, or set to be a Basic user, this may cause the error that you are getting.  If you are using variables to populate one or more authorisers and the variable is not being populated prior to the authorisation node, this too could cause the error that you are getting.   




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