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No services available to select during PCF


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I haven touched the admin side of hornbill today and no updates have been pushed but but whenever someone tries to raise a change they get this error when it comes to selecting a service:


IS anyone else getting this error? Changes were being raised fine up to around a hour ago?

Hayley. (have also raised as incident on support)



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1 minute ago, Stuart Torres-Catmur said:

We didn't have any problems until around the time the Admin Tool update was released.

I understand this but it very much looks like an unfortunate coincidence... services are part of SM application, admin tool ios admin tool. Totally different parts of the Hornbill product, they even belong to different layers of the architecture... I am quite sorry for the troubles and I am quite confident is saying it was just an unfortunate coincidence on this occasion... :( ... The fact that we deployed a patch yesterday which addresses this issue (although enforces my belief that it was indeed just a coincidence...

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2 minutes ago, Stuart Torres-Catmur said:

I wonder what caused it then.

Well, something is going on today, I have another issue reported which I can't explain and does not have any sort of root cause... Hornbill is working against me today :( 

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  • Victor changed the title to No services available to select during PCF

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