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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1235)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1235) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • You can now choose to only make Services available when raising certain Request types {CH00131067}
  • Optionally limit Assign to Most Available Analyst Operation to on-line users {CH00150189}
  • Clicking on the name of a Site should take you to the site details form {CH00150234}
  • Ability to download your Requests from the Portals {CH00149564}
  • New BPM variable available for a Request Customer's Manager, which returns the Display Name {CH00150808}
  • Scheduled Changes will show a green schedule icon when viewing the details of the Request {CH00135087}
  • As a Service Desk Admin i want a global option to hide the Drop Down request types and only show the Raise New option for my analysts to raise new requests {CH00149640}


  • Removed the requirement to have one member of a team available for assignment {CH00147055}


  • The Schedule callback action did not respect the chosen timeline visibility {PM00150433}
  • Could not raise a new Request from a timeline post that has been created by a Contact {PM00150586}
  • Could not use Progressive Captures in the Portals with a single form if the form was automatically skipped {PM00150287}
  • When an automated email contains the contents of an email that has been applied to a Request, the formatting could get lost {PM00150454}
  • Request List now responds to resizing of the sidebar in Hornbill {PM00150936}
  • Clicking on a Catalog item multiple times quickly could raise an Incident instead of Service Request or Change Request in the Portals {PM00151018}
  • You could not link Requests to Services if you did not have the Services Manager role {PM00151054}
  • The rating of a Request no longer set to 0 when request closed via BPM {PM00150571}
  • You could not always type directly into the time selector when placing a request on hold {KE00151090}
  • Error when updating details of a Known Error if it was not published {PM00151092}
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