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Export List Column Order


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When exporting the request list, is there a way to control the ordering of the columns in the exported CSV file?  Its seems the order correlates with the order of the columns in the "Available Export Columns" selection screen.  I want them in a different order.




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Yes I know I can do that once its exported but I'm building a process for a user and I'll like the process to be as seemless as possible so it would've been handy if it could be set in SM.  The list will be exported on a very frequent basis so any manual actions will obviously increase the time taken.

Thanks anyway - I thought this was the case but wanted to check.  I'll try and create a macro to do it so at least its just one button press

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22 hours ago, Steven Boardman said:

@clampj I have raised a story to make this sortable in Service Manger, as this progresses and is scheduled to be completed we will post back here.

Please add me +1

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@clampj are the times the export needed scheduled or ad-hoc? 

On 5/21/2018 at 12:25 PM, clampj said:

The list will be exported on a very frequent basis

I ask because I have a team that needed the current request list exporting every day between 0800 - 0900 for a department meeting and rather than try and export to csv and rejig the file it was easier to set up a scheduled report (so I could manage the column order) and set it to run every day at 0830. 

Basic users can access it via the portal (given the correct rights) and analysts have access to all previous versions should they need it via document manager. 

Just thought that might be a simpler way than *shudder* macros


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