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Calendar for planned works


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Good morning,

As an organisation, we are looking for a way to track contractor site visits and general bookings of works required.

As the SM tool will be used by multiple departments, we were wondering whether there was a function already in situ or that could be looked at to have the following:

  • A calendar editable by multiple teams
  • Where a job reference is set to 'planned', to have a module on the call where you could set the date and this self populate a calendar
  • Reports to be run off calendar to show how many jobs reference that date - for us this would be contractor visits, car MOT/services etc?

Obviously this is a very simple outline of it, but we'd be keen to know whether something like this could be looked at?



cc @John Delamare-Timms

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Hi @lokent

Apologies, this may have been overlooked as it might actually be a requirement for the main Activity Calendar and not Service Manager.  This may however depend on how you see this working.  Service Manager only has a Change Calendar at the moment, whereas the Core Collaboration has an Activity Calendar which is currently used for managing tasks and activities.  The current focus of this calendar is to manage tasks assigned to yourself or to your managed staff.  We haven't yet introduced team or shared calendars.



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