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Feedback comment mandatory if unhappy?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander



Is there a way of setting it so that, if someone decides to give us one or two stars on their feedback, then they HAVE to make a comment about what's gone wrong?

We're more than happy to get a 5 star review and for people to not have to comment, however, if they give us one or two stars then we'd really like to know what went wrong.

I know I can make the question option mandatory or non-mandatory globally, but can this be streamlined so that we only ask for this if people are unhappy?




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Hi Paul,

I don't believe that there is a way that this can currently be done as described.  Maybe there is a way that a follow up activity can be set/initiated in the BPM based on 2 or less stars to ask the customer.  You might get more info this way.  Personally, when I provide feedback on websites I prefer to just use the star rating and if asked for more detail there is nothing stopping me from me for just adding one character to the mandatory field to get past it.  

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