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Avaliability & reassigining


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We are having issues where users are deciding to put themselves 'on holiday' or another code, to stop themselves being assigned calls via the round robin feature.

Is there a way we can take this ability away so only admin or managers can do it?

Also is there a way to stop users from being able to reassign a call? As some people are just reassiging because they dont want to do the work. (even if there is a way to build in a node for a activity can go to a manger to approve reassigning)


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Hi Hayley,

I've proposed a change to the Round Robin and Most Available BPM operations.  At the moment both of these have an option to include or exclude Offline users.  The Availability check is currently hard set, but I have asked if we could have a similar setting to the 'Include Offline Users'  which would be to include 'On-holiday Users'.  This does have an obvious implication that when they are on a proper holiday, they could still be assigned requests.  The workaround to that would be to go in Administration and under Service Manager -> Configuration -> Service Desk you could set the user to not be included in assignments while on holiday.  

This change is not currently scheduled for development, but I will update this post when it does reach development.


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