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LDAP Import 3.0 and SSL

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We are currently using LDAP_Import 2.0 and we have a need to start using LDAP_Import 3.0 to be set to import over SSL, do we need to store the SSL certificate in Hornbill? If so how?

Using the standard HTTP connection and LDAP_Import 3.0 with Dry run enabled, it works... we then tried to configure it to SSL and doing a dry run it's producing the following error:

[ERROR] Bind Error: LDAP Result Code 211 "ErrorClosing": Response Channel Closed       

Can you advise?



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Can you post a screen grab of the first page of Configuration for the LDAP Import please, also what port is configured against the LDAP Authentication in keysafe?

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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Hi @TrevorKillick,

Thanks for getting back in touch. Please disregard this post.

I changed the details in the LDAP Import configuration on Hornbill and saved it (and it went greyed out) but I just went back into it and it didn't save.

I set the values, then moved to a different room then saved it... so it must have been a connection hiccup or something but it's working now.

Many thanks,


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