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Hi all,

I've just noticed that when selecting the 'View Details Form' button of a Change Request (as below)


It then allows you to enable and show some additional fields (see below) which could be quite useful for us.

Currently when IT members are raising changes they complete a progress capture form which contains a custom form capturing the; implementation plan, test plan, etc. I was therefore wondering if it is either possible to map the details they enter into these additional fields within the 'Details Form'? Or somehow present the additional details fields shown below directly in the progcap?

Alternatively would it be better to have the IT members raising a Change Request by simply inputting a Summary and Description during the progress capture, then having an activity in the BPM prompting them to complete the additional fields - implementation plan, etc? If so, is there a way of making the additional details fields mandatory?


Interested to know if anyone else uses the above additional change details and if so how?

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3 hours ago, Dan Munns said:

what is the difference between using these on the Service and editing them in the Design mode on a request?

There is very little difference.  It is all to do with the association with the request to the service.  When editing the form directly on a request you need to make sure that you first look at what service is associated to a request as all requests associated to that service will take the updates.  If the request is not associated to a service, then any changes to the form are applied to a default form which is used on any other request not associated to a service or for a service where there have been no previous changes  made to the form.

Personally, I always make my form edits from the Service just to make sure I'm doing this in the right context.



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If you haven't done so already, you may want to select this option to make sure that these fields are visible even when not populated. 

The other option here is the The field value cannot be blank when saving.  This I believe might give you some control to enforcing this as it makes this field mandatory when saving the details.  A bit of a stretch, but you might be able to have a Suspend and wait for External Reference, Description, or Category which will only conclude once one of these is populated and saved, but with all of the other fields set to ''The field value cannot be blank when saving'' , they would have to be done at the same time, as you wouldn't be able to save as they are mandatory.



My first thought is to use a task to initiate someone to populate this information.  The other option here is the The field value 

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