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Adding default forms as fields to custom forms

Dan Munns

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I am sure I have seen this somewhere but cannot for the life of me find it.

Would it be possible to add default forms as fields in a custom form? 

For example I have a PC which requires a number of attachments to be added. However even though the form is mandatory, once they have added one attachment it will let them progress. 

The main form on the PC is a custom form with the attachments form added at the end. 

If I could have an 'Add attachment' field which I can set as mandatory (complete with dynamic rules as required) it would be a lot easier to false force users to comply with the attachment requirement (I say false as I am aware they could just upload the same document x times to get around this, however that would be willfully circumventing a process and can be dealt with, the amount of "Oh I must have forgotten" I hear is horrendous.)

Obviously other default forms used this way would also be beneficial. 



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Hi @Dan Munns,

Sorry for the delay, we were discussing this between the teams. So, we do have in our long term solution to move towards custom forms in general and allow using any of the fields in the default forms on the custom ones. So to your answer, yes. You will probably see this slowly, each time we will be adding more and more fields to the custom forms.

Regardless of if it is a file upload field or any other field, I think a good feature will be allowing to add an "Add More" option (if configured). That will allow in your case  to add as many files as you want or within a min and max number you define.

Will this help in your case?


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@Daniel Dekel the issue isn't that they cannot add more files, but more that fact that there maybe 3 or 4 required attachments for a request but as soon as they add 1 they have met the mandatory requirement and can skip the upload of the others. 

If I could add an upload attachments field then I could make each field mandatory so that they have no excuse for not uploading the correct amount of documents. 

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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 for this request please.

As @Dan Munns mentioned I was sure that I'd requested this a long time ago, but I can't find that request either! Anyway, being able to add the 'default' forms as fields to an existing form would be a great addition I think


EDIT: Found the request I was looking for here: 




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