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Change Calendar - FIlters


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Afternoon all,

I think I know the answer to this one already but here goes....

Is it possible to crate a customized view on the Change Calendar to filter by Change type? For example, our Changes are categorised into Standard, Normal and Emergency. Is it possible to filter out the Standard changes from the calendar?



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Hi @aw2215

Thanks for your post. 

I'd be happy to look into this requirement.  Out of curiosity, I would like to understand the intended audience for the Change Calendar and the ability to filter on type.  The Change Calendar was seen as a high level overview of changes so that those that have access can get an ideas of when things are coming.

For the Change Type, is this value of Standard, Normal, and Emergency, is the audience more likely to be someone who is working the changes and would be managing the changes through the request list?  The other great value behind the Change Type would be to drive the BPM to make sure that each change is managed accordingly.  

Use Cases always help us to make sure that new features are being done in the best way to provide the desired outcome.  So, as much information helps, even for something as simple as a filter on a list.  For users that are involved with processing changes I would recommend features and functionality to be added to the request list, views, and charts.  When it comes to change managers getting an overall high level view of the schedule of changes, then the change calendar makes sense.  

I'll look forward to hearing back.


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