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Customer Details on Request Not Showing Custom Attribute


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I've gone into the co-worker section and moved the payroll field (attribute 1) into the job details section but it doesnt show in the customer details section on a call - should it?

Will this be viewable by basic users if they search for a co-worker?  If so, is there a way to make it available in the customer details in a request but not viewable by co-workers?



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@clampj I think the customer details, the fields that are displayed there are hardcoded. Meaning it will display the name, company, email address, telephone and job title. This if the fields are supposed to be visible (aka part of the user/contact public profile).

Not 100% sure on the "hardcoded" bit but I will ask... Just confirmed this, the fields are not dynamic so the new field you added won't be displayed in customer details on requests...

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