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Activity reassignment role

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My colleague user FCoker needs to be able to reassign activities on requests where the owner changes and the  associated activity needs to be manually reassigned to another support team member.

I've compared permissions with user ASharpe01 who can reassign activities and can't see any roles he has that if given to FCoker would enable activity reassignment.

Please could you advise what standard roles include this permission.

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It is an 'Application Rights' option, so go to the role your users are assigned too and then on the Application Rights tab, ensure the top most Application field is set to Honrbill Service Manager. You should then be able to add the 'Advanced Request Task Completer' permissions to your role.

Note you cannot update the default roles, so you will need to create your own role by copying the default one, if you have not already done this.




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@Martyn Houghton

My user has both the following roles.

Home>Hornbill Service Manager>Roles>Incident Management Full Access

Home>Hornbill Service Manager>Roles>Service Request Full Access


Just to be clear, he doesn't want to complete someone else's activities.

He wants to be able to reassign the activity from one team member to another team member for them to complete.

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