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Make 'All My Requests' screen on service portal show all requests


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This was raised in a different thread but I've duplicated the request here for visibility, as this looks like an enhancement request rather than a bug.

On the Service Portal the Customers only see requests against services that are set to visible on the portal, not ALL their requests.

Making all Services visible on the portal will result in a large number of services being shown that have no actionable Catalogue Items. This masks the relatively few that have customer facing PCFs behind them.

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@davidrb84, @Gerry

There is some filtering applied to the list shown on the portal. Even if the coworker/contact has the service subscribe and they have request for it, it will not be displayed on the portal, if the service is not set a visible on the portal or the catalog item is only set to Service Desk.

I can see there would be situations where you want to be able to log some requests only via the user app or say by auto res-ponder, but not publish the item for creation of new requests by the end user in the portal, whilst still retaining the ability for the coworker/contact to see the requests in the  All my Requests view.

Perhaps the there should be a setting to allow the configuration of the filtering criteria for the All My Requests screens in both portals, so each site can choose which is best for them?



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