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Incidents on Service Portal


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Thanks again @Lyonel  your comment made me try something else that rings a bell from a long while ago. It only shoes Requests/Incidents against services that are visible on the portal. This doesn't seem quite right, is this normal?

Essentially we have a 6-8 services with Catalogue items for customer self service, but a larger number that might be logged via the service desk agents.

We would like the customers to be able to see updates, and update their incidents via the portal, even if they didn't log it there.

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@davidrb84 for the services which you don't want staff to log against, you can (and i am sure you have already) made the catalog items visibility ServiceDesk only, which will not allow the staff to raise anything from the portal against these services, but they will still be able to view any of their tickets raised against them, access any FAQ's and or Bulletins you have pushed out to these services - obviously only the one's they are subscribed too.

The idea behind the Portal Visibility setting was to allow you as a support function to raise requests against services and customers which were not intended to be customer facing.  


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@davidrb84 you need to make your services visible on the service portal. However, you can hide individual catalog items. Your service then becomes a placeholder with no catalogue items (but you still have the FAQs, Bulletins, known errors, etc available). And more importantly your users can follow their requests

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