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Issue - Reopen Request via Self Service


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Bit confused as thought this had historically worked fine for basic users, it does work fine for full users so assuming there is a permission/role issue somewhere. 

When our basic users view a resolved request and click the "It's still broken" button on the self service portal, it adds an update to the timeline but the request doesn't actually reopen. 

If the basic user has the system default "Basic User Role" and "Self Service User" roles assigned would this be expected behaviour?

If so how can we get the request to reopen for them? I have created another role and included 'reopen incidents' and 'reopen service requests' as per thread below and tagged it on to a test user but it doesn't appear to have made any difference. 

Thanks in advance,


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Guest Chaz

We'll look at making sure the Self Service User Role has the rights that are required, but you can grant the Service Manager Authorised Guest role to get all the rights you need to be able to reopen a Request.

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