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How to create Report


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Hi Guys,

Apologies if this has been raised before but would someone be able to assist/provide instructions on how to create a report in Hornbill? i.e. All incidents/requests logged by the service desk in April?

Also is there a way I can extract all data between 2017/18 into a .csv?

Any help would be very much appreciated.



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Hi @Jag

Thanks for your post.

There are a some different levels of reporting options available to you.  You can simply start on the Request List and use the Views or Advanced Search to collect the data that you need.  Once you have the list of requests that you are looking for displayed on the Request List you can use the Export feature to have these put into a CSV file. 

There is also a Personal Dashboard available from the Request List which is made up of charts that are configured as part of the Views.

There is more advanced reporting available by accessing the Administration portal.    One of these is the basic reporting which @Dan Munns provided the links for. These reports can also be exported to CSV format. There is also the Advanced Analystics

I hope this provides some help toward starting your report creation. 



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