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Idea/Enhancement - Dashboard on Request List


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Hi all,

Would it be possible to display a mini dashboard/HUD within the request list view? For example, for my analysts they have KPI/SLA targets which require them to have 85% within fix rate, a maximum number of open requests, max number of aged requests, etc. It'd be a useful feature for them to see their progress against KPI targets, rather than having to manually switch to the dashboard view each time.

Just an idea, not sure how many others would benefit from this or whether it'd be considered for development.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @dwalby Thanks for the suggestion 

I can understand the challenge you are trying to overcome here. 

It maybe tricky to add anything directly to the list without using real estate and impacting on the space for columns of data.  

However i would be interested to see if doing something with the collapsable sidebar on the righthandside might work?  So we haven't got a story for this but i wanted to see if there was an option when creating a chart which you currently add to your personal dashboard, if you had an option to also Pin to the sidebar, say with a max of 3 or 4 charts if this would help (currently you can see activities, bookmarks, and conversation tabs)?

Just an idea at this stage, so interested to see what others think as well and then we could look at options to help here?


Let me know



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