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Ticket Cancellation Option

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@Daniel Nespoli the "Self Service User" gives this right. This is a result of a recent change which allows cancellation of service requests from the service or customer portal... but not sure if this is supposed to make the cancel action visible in the user app (via this role)... I've asked dev team to feedback on this.

Can you confirm if your analysts have this role ("Self Service User") associated to them? If so, it is a bit odd I would say, not sure why a full user would need this role in your instance?

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Hi @Daniel Nespoli

We are also looking to define more rights which will provide a greater separation between actions done in Self Service to actions done in the main Service Manager view.  This work isn't currently schedule to start yet, but hopefully we should see some movement on this before too long.  I've added you to the change and linked this post so that we can update you once some progress has been made.



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1 minute ago, Daniel Nespoli said:

We were under the impression our full users needed this role in order to raise their own tickets as a user on our self service portal.

You are correct here. I mean in order to user the portal, a user would need this role. However, unlike basic users, a full user has access to the user app (the "live" interface so to speak). So, personally I don't see why a full user would use the portal when they can use the user app... However I understand there might be scenarios when this is the case (but I just can't think of any) 

4 minutes ago, Daniel Nespoli said:

This doesn't appear to be the case!

This most likely because your full users already have the required rights needed to use the portal given by other roles assigned to them.


In any case I understand the issue is sorted?! :) 

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  • 4 months later...

We have recently provided some updates to the rights to give more of a separation between the actions that can be done on the Self Service Portals and those that can be done withing Service Manager.  

This should help support the issues identified above where there was a conflict when removing the right for a support person to cancel a request which was overridden by a Self Service roll that contained the right to cancel a request as a customer on the portals.  Now having these as separate rights, this should eliminate this conflict.



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