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how to view changes belonging to other teams?

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I'm sure I have seen this before - but I seem unable to view all our changes. If I create a view to see all changes logged in last 30 days for example I only get those changes that were assigned to a team I'm a member of.


I would like to have a view that shows all changes regardless of what team it belongs to.

I have tried adding the condition that the change belongs to all services (all services are supported by all teams) but this doesn't seem to work either?


any ideas?





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Hi @lee mcdermott you will only see requests logged against services your teams support.

If you wanted to see all changes against all teams then you would need to be members of them all. 

You can be members of all teams without receiving notifications or even appearing in the list to have requests assigned to you. in the admin console you can add yourself to the teams, and then under configuration > servicedesk go into each team and disable assignment for you.

This will

* Prevent notifications 

* Prevent you appearing in assignment drop downs

* Allow you to see changes etc logged against all your teams in the request list views 


Hope that helps


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