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One progressive capture, multiple BPMs?


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Background info: I am converting many branching BPMs from an older system and the stage structure does not lend itself for different process paths. I know you can jump to further stages but this leaves the analyst with breaks in the stage-visualisation (picture attached) and condenses information by including everything. In this case the greyed out section is everything for a different type of order, currently defined in the first stage. 

Can you exclude stages in the visualisation or can you link out to different, more specialised, BPMs based on the answer in a single progressive capture?


Many thanks in advance



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Currently we don't have any ability hide stages, possibly we could detect the skipped stages and hide them automatically this would then prevent the gap in the visualisation however would only occur after the BPM had branched.  If this would help I can add a change to get this added to the visualisation


Trevor Harris

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Hello everyone who tagged along on this thread, 

We've found a setting, below, that means if a stage isn't used within the BPM, it does not show in the stage timeline visualisation. 

Hide stages in the BPM HUD once they have been skipped

It's working for us so far :lol:.


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