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Email an auto-reply with HTML template


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Hi Guys - does anyone know if we can setup a rule, or some other system, whereby hornbill will auto-reply to any email we receive using a specified HTML template (we want a picture in it),


we are looking to encourage users to use our portal, by basically bouncing any emails that come in and telling them to use the portal.


we are ideally looking for hornbill lto do this, as if we set the auto-reply on MS outlook it wont handle existing ticket updates properly,



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Thanks for your post @Gary@ADL

For these incoming emails, after this initial auto-reply would go out,  would you want the email to be processed automatically using the routing rules or are you manually processing each email?  Or do you plan on archiving the original email after the auto-reply go out instructing them to use the portal?




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@James Ainsworth We are also looking to stopping people relying on emails for logging requests, up until now we have had it automatically logging them, we have had a good number of users using the self service portal but too many people are still emailing.


A way to setup an auto responder AFTER updating already logged calls would be ideal.


We have attempted to notify users that we will not be accepting emails to log calls however it doesn't seem to have stuck and we get more than possible for someone to reply to all of them saying "Please use our self service portal instead"


Is there any way to facilitate this within SM at this point in time?



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@Toby Mc Although we don't have an auto-reply option as yet, you can achieve this by using the AutoResponder to raise a request, then having a simple Workflow that emails the Customer and closes itself.

If you want to be a little more complex, for example you may wish to report on how many of these you could have the Workflow set a specific category or custom field, or use as many or as few of the BPM actions you require.
None of this would require any interaction from a User.

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