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Overseeing calls without supporting them

Steve Giller

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I'm sure this has been discussed before but I can't get the search to drag previous topics up.

I need the receptionists at each site to be able to see the requests that have been logged for Facilities - that was quite easy, I set up an advanced search and created a view from that. The trouble is, to do that I made the receptionists members of the supporting teams otherwise those teams didn't show up in the filters. 
Now the Facilities Service Desk are complaining about the "extra" team member.
I suppose I could create a "Receptionists" team who support all the relevant services, but then I'd get complaints about the new group.

I'm basically having a mental block - so is there a simple way of setting this up so that the Receptionists can see (and open) those requests, without that creating an extra team or team members that the Service Desk see and complain about?

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Guest Chaz

In the Admin tool, you can go to  Home > Hornbill Service Manager > Configuration > Service Desk and pick a team. On that page, you can turn assignment off for users that just need visibility rather than the ability to support a Request. Hope that helps :)

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