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Service Manager Analytics inconsistancies


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Hi all,

Each month we're required to produce KPI statistics for the following monthly key service desk metrics:

  • No. of Incidents & Service Requests Logged
  • No. of Incidents & Service Requests Resolved
  • No. of Open Incidents & Service Requests (Recorded as of the last day, hour, minute of the month)

The problem I'm having is getting the number of open Incidents & Service Requests to correlate with the number logged and resolved. The results circled in red are those from April 2018 - unless my logic is incorrect the number of open Incidents and Service Requests for April should be: 

INC/SR - No. Open Per Month (End of March) = 652
+ INC/SR - No. Logged Per Month (April) = 1788
- INC/SR - No. Resolved Per Month TEST (April) = 1807

TOTAL = 633 

But as you can see the INC/SR - No. Open Per Month (End of April) is showing as 657.


I've included some screenshots of the measures as they're currently setup. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to troubleshoot this?




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Also, if I create a view within the request list to show all open incidents and service requests, the total open count this morning is showing 650 despite nothing being resolved between 30/04/18 11:59PM (when the measure finished) and now... So there's 7 incidents or services requests missing from the count captured in the measure.

So I've got 3 separate counts for open incidents and service requests:

633 by my calculations
657 by the No. of Open Incidents & Service Requests
650 by a custom view within the request list

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a couple of thoughts

1. The measure is looking at all requests in the database that meets your requirements, when you create a request list view via the user app, it will only return results on the requests you have the rights to view - so just checking that there are not teams / services you are not a member of, or maybe requests which are not assigned to any team / service - not saying this is the issue but maybe worth ruling out?

2. In your date resolved example is it possible you have had any requests which have been re-opened once resolved? so back in an open status? maybe include additional clause to say status is resolved closed?

Just some thoughts 


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