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Assigning Calls to Teams


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We've just created multiple Teams within our IT (we just had everyone in one before) and Management now want us to assign calls to Teams rather than individuals.  Up until now Analysts received email notifications letting them know when a call had been assigned to them - this worked well.  I have now had to turn on the TeamEmailAssignment setting and setup an appropriate email template so everyone in the team knows there is a call that needs picking up. 

This in itself isn't an issue - what is however, is that as part of every BP a call is assigned to our 1st Line (1st node in the process) to be reviewed and dealt with or assigned on as appropriate - this is meaning that the 1st line (who are constantly monitoring the incoming calls) are also getting emails to let them know a call has come in.  

I can see now way to exclude them from this as it's a global setting so I would like to ask the following:

  • Is there any way of setting a default team for calls to automatically be assigned to so that they don't receive the Team email?


  • Is there another way someone has managed to get round this?

I only set this up this morning and it's already driving them mad!

FYI - I can't filter it based on service as all our teams support each service.



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The notifications settings are global (I have asked for an 'opt out' system) 

What you could do is a suspend - wait for assignment node followed by a decision node with the branches set to Team is Service Desk > No Email / Team is NOT Service Desk > Send Email.

This will mean that no emails will be sent until the Service Desk have triaged the ticket, but I believe that you could then only send the email to the receiving team rather than everyone who is not a part of the Service Desk.

Perhaps something to try? 

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@Tina.Lapere you can use the service name, catalog name or catalog id, with a decision box, and then assign automatically to the team. This is what we do ourselves.


Anything not in the list will be automatically assigned to a 1st line support team. This works well for us, albeit requires quite a lot of maintenance as our service catalogue keeps changing regularly

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