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Customers Ability to View Requests Raised from Emails


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We have a number of services that now raise requests from emails received in Hornbill Mailboxes which helps manage workloads and also means we can track requests better and provide the customer with emails if needed.  We have discovered a downside to this however which is that if a request is raised in this way (i.e. by an analyst via Hornbill Live and not the customer via the self-service portal), the customer can't then view the request and any updates made to it via the self service portal.  Why is this?  Surely they should be able to view if they are the customer, even if the analyst raised the request?


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Hi @SJEaton this should not be the case, the Channel a request is raised from should not influence if a customer can see their requests on the portal or not.

One configuration setting you might want to check for these new services is: 

Portal Visibility

If this is Off then you won't see the service or any requests logged against the service (regardless of channel), if you enable it you will see all your requests as a customer logged against this service on the portal, irrespective of the channel it was logged.


If this is is the case, you can still hide any catalog items you don't want visible on the portal by having them set to visibility ServiceDesk.

Let us know if this helps or if with this setting on if you still have the issue


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Ah ok, that's definitely it but the reason I have this particular Service not visible as that all catalogue items in it are only for ServiceDesk ie.I don't want it visible on the Portal. Doh!  I'll have to have a rethink, thanks Steven.


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