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☞ Select "Site" in Custom Form in PC


Select Site in Custom Form in the Progressive Capture  

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Can I request for there to be an option to choose a site from within a Custom Form? Our use case is for New Starters and Movers, Managers will have to select from a predefined list of sites as part of answering questions about the user. Can we have the ability to also choose the list based on the Company the site belongs to as well or have it show all the sites if not specified.



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36 minutes ago, Daniel Dekel said:

Hi @samwoo,

If i understand right, what you need is to select from a list of sites that the user belongs to (based on company/organisation) and if the user does not belong to any organisation, then display all sites?


Hi Daniel,

That is correct yes though still allow the options to show all sites regardless of the Organisation if necessary.



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28 minutes ago, Daniel Dekel said:

Hi @samwoo,

We'll add two new Data Providers, one "My Sites" and the other "All Sites". Does it makes sense?

You can use the field conditions if you need to hide or show All Sites based on some previous value.




That is perfect!

Thanks @Daniel Dekel.

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I think this is similar to this topic: 

What I'd really like to see is for the "Standard Forms" to be available as "Form Elements" so when building a Custom Form where you need to select a Site you can, instead of having a separate form you add in the Site Element and have the option of pointing the result to a Custom Value if the default field was not applicable.
One scenario for this is Deliveries - you add in a Collection Site Element and store it in Custom_A and a Delivery Site Element and store it in Custom_B

Similarly, a Co-Worker Element would have the ability to log an "on behalf of" call or a "Deliver to" option.

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