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Question about search engine on Service portal


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Just got a question from a colleague I was unable to answer with 100% guarantee... And it puzzles me too.

Is the full search engine working on the service portal? Like the global search works within the Service Manager application?


I just tried a couple of queries and unless I am doing something wrong, it appears not. If this is the case, why? Seems odd not having the same (or relatively similar) search capabilities.

For instance, I would expect (as a basic user) to be able to search using at least the following features:


There are a selection of operators and syntax available to perform advanced searches from the Global Search Bar. Some that are commonly used include:

  • Boolean Operators: AND (+), OR, NOT (-).
  • Must be in ALL CAPS
  • OR is the default
  • AND matches posts and comments that contain both words
  • NOT excludes posts and comments that contain that word
  • Wildcard Searches: *, ?
  • An * is used for a multiple character wildcard search
  • A ? is used for a single character wildcard search
  • Wildcards cannot be used at the beginning of a search term
  • String Search with Quotations
  • Placing two or more words within "double quotes" will search for that exact string

I don't think it is related to the index because the search (from the customer portal) returns the same results with or without double quotes. But it should not...

Any feedback would be appreciated :)


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There are a few factors here which prevented us from putting a more powerful search in straight away. Limiting to information only you should see and the ability to translate various aspects of the portal being the biggest.

To return results for things like Catalogs and Services, the search may remain the way it is but for Requests you will be able to use boolean operators, wildcards and quotes in the future as it's something we're looking at.

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  • Victor changed the title to Question about search engine on Service portal

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