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When sharing custom filters the associated charts should also be shared


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Thanks for adding this feature however I am disappointed to not see the ability to share the attached Chart. 

The other issue is the the user is then unable to convert the view into a chart.


or am I missing something...

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Hi Kelvin

Thanks for the feedback.

We are continuing to enhance the available functionality in Service Manager, through our continuous deployment approach, this allows us to release small iterative changes on a regular basis, so please look at this as being the next evolution in this specific area.  

When views were originally introduced, there was no concept of charts or a personal dashboard, these features followed in due course, and the ability to share views in the next step forward in this area. 

We like to push these out and get feedback from yourself and other customers to steer what else we could add and the direction we take. 

In this specific situation it was decided not to share the charts initially, as the user who is having the view shared with them may not want the chart to automatically appear on their personal dashboard.  Equally we have not enabled the ability to edit the view that has been shared with you initially. 

We already have  ideas and thoughts in this area, such as adding the ability to create charts from shared views, or the ability to hide or dismiss views which have been shared with you if not relevant, options to set views as default etc etc 

Please continue to provide this feedback and hopefully this will invoke feedback from other forum users in this area, which will help us prioritise the next features around views / charts / dashboards  



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@Steven Boardman 

I've just set up some views within my dashboard and have just found that sharing views doesn't include sharing charts. This feature would be very useful reducing the resource requirement for training individuals and configuring each dashboard separately. Thanks.

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I'm please to let you know that the ability to include Charts when sharing a view is now available as of Service Manager Build 1378.  Any chart that has been created on a view will now be included when shared and the user that the View is shared with will have the option to enable the Chart on their Personal Dashboard.



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