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Flowcode error I can't figure out


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I'm getting this error on my I Want to Book Transport process.  I was testing this the other day and all ok and haven't changed anything in the first stage of the process so not sure what this error means?  Can anyone advise what it might be?




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Actually don't worry, I've sussed it!! Please ignore
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Guest Paul Alexander

Possibly a silly question @SJEaton but have you tried restarting the BPM by clicking the 'refresh' icon at the end of the HUD?

I had a couple of similar errors yesterday which miraculously sorted themselves out by refreshing.....


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"Cannot read property 'date' of undefined" suggests to me that it's trying to read a null value where it expects a date. I've fallen foul of this a few times when it appears impossible to reach that point in a BP without a certain value being populated but we somehow manage to do it.

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