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Export List not working

Paul Alexander

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I've got a couple of problems here which are probably not linked, but are both people trying to do things that everyone else does seem to be able to do, but they can't.

First one, I have an analyst who is trying to export a list of calls from a View, but once he's chosen the fields to include and pressed Export, the hornbill logo spins a couple of times then disappears...but nothing shows up in his downloads folder, and the normal download icon at the bottom of the screen doesn't show up. 

This user CAN successfully download from other websites.

Second, I have a user who wants to leave feedback on a call, but when she presses the 'It's Working' button on the Portal, nothing happens at all.

Both users are using Chrome (the same as we all are) and everyone else seems to be able to do what these two can't. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this please?

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