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IMAP - Junk/Spam folder support

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We use the IMAP connector to integrate to our mailbox which is hosted on Exchange.

We have a multiple layers of protection/filtering which will place suspicious content into the a Junk/Spam folder of the mailbox. As with all these types of protection, there will be some valid messages which are caught by this process. However as the Hornbill IMAP connector only imports the emails into the shared mailbox from the primary 'inbox', we are not able to monitor or administer this Junk/Spam folder from within the Hornbill platform.

If the IMAP Connector and shared mailbox could be updated to allow the import of an additional folder, so that this content could be checked and the valid messages moved back to the main inbox folder for normal processing. This would mean staff would not have to log in to Outlook/Exchange to check for these, providing a more cohesive and easy to manage email process.



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